Bunker Trade

In September 2004 Seabridge Bunkering Pte Ltd was incorporated in Singapore as a bunker trading company.Within 10 years, we have established our reputation in the shipping industry, particularly in the Chinese shipping community for ship bunkering business.

Since its humble beginning in 1994 and in less than two decades, the BILSEA Group, of which SEABRIDGE is one of its members, has grown from strength to strength, engaging in a diversified range of shipping activities including ship bunkering, ship-chartering, ship-agency, commodity trading of asphalt in bulk, clean petroleum products and bunker hedging as well. On an annual basis, Seabridge handles volumes of 360,000 MT up to 500,000 MT of marine oils (hereinafter called bunkers) to clients worldwide with annual turnover of around 200-235 million US dollars.

Ten years may be a brief period for SEABRIDGE but twenty years has certainly shaped the Group with milestone achievements. The biggest challenge for any Company is to run a sustainable business. We are continuously learning to adopt world best practices with alignments to become a SFO - Strategy Focused Organization. We envision ourselves to be an enduring symbol of a multi-business enterprise, an icon of vibrant ideals in a changing world with the capacity to build and realize dreams.